The Inspirational Nest

Home Styling & Staging by Megan


Living Room AFTER design

Kitchen AFTER design


Our upstairs living room BEFORE any design......

Our Kitchen BEFORE any design......


The Inspirational Nest was created due to a true passion and love for home design by its owner, Megan Hamilton.  After years in full time sales positions aiming to provide solutions to customer needs and spending all of her free time reading about design, decorating not only her home but advising  friends and family on theirs and through constant research on trends within the design field, she one day decided to put all her previous experience coupled with her consistent passion and hobby and make it its own business.  Thus, came, "The Inspirational Nest" ​designs by Megan. 

Megan has a Combined Business Degree from the University of Plymouth in the UK.  She did her disseration in Public Relations across cultures.  She has worked for 15 years in sales across all of the South East, Ohio Valley and parts of California.  Her love of design, sales, travel, and cultural differences has all played a role in her establishing a career in home decorating and staging.  She lives in Florence, Alabama with her husband Mike and their sweet dog, Bella.